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  • St. Lucia Diving & Marine Life
  • The Island of St. Lucia is surrounded by some of the most pristine coral reef systems in the Caribbean Ocean. The waters off the island are teeming with a rich variety of tropical fish and exotic marine life and the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean make for an unparalleled St. Lucia scuba diving or snorkeling experience.
  • Many experienced and certified dive instructors provide all levels of scuba diving instruction to St. Lucia guests. Many of the island resorts have their own dive centers and schools right on location. Dive tours to a host of excellent locations with varying degrees of difficulty are easily arranged through a travel agent or the resort concierge. St. Lucia visitors can also visit the award-winning Soufriere marine Management Area on the West side of the island. This project was developed to conserve St. Lucia's coastline and surrounding waters.
  • The waters of St. Lucia are rich with so many kinds of exotic sea life. Divers will sea numerous species of colorful coral and black coral trees. Giant barrel sponges, purple vase sponges, and lace coral are plentiful. Angelfish in rainbow colors, seahorses, stingrays, and golden spotted eels are just a few of the myriad of creatures to be found in St. Lucia's reefs and coastal waters. Magnificent and rare sea turtles are found here also. Shipwrecks rest off shore and make a home for a great diversity of schooling fish and nurse sharks.
  • Anse Chastanet
  • One of the most stunning dive spots off St. Lucia's southwest shore. The reefs fall away from 20-140 feet in an unusual coral wall that stretches from Anse Chastanet Bay around the Grand Caille headline and comes around to the harbor at Soufriere.

  • The Key Hole Pinnacles
  • This amazing St. Lucia dive site was voted one of the "10 Best Dive Sites" by Caribbean Travel & Life. Four coral and gorgonian (also known as Sea Fans) encrusted seamounts rise incredibly out of the ocean depths.

  • The Lesleen M. Shipwreck
  • This 165-foot freighter was sunk by the Dept. of fisheries in 1986 to provide the makings of an artificial reef system. It sits upright at a depth of 60 feet near Anse Cochon, just south of Marigot Bay. St. Lucia scuba divers can explore every nook and cranny of this site, teeming with a rich array of tropical fish and creatures.

    The waters of St. Lucia are home to several species of dolphin and whales which are all protected and valued by this island nation. Three, possibly four species of sea turtles, all considered endangered swim in the waters off St. Lucia and use the island for laying and nesting their eggs.
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