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    St. Lucia Island Resorts
    Island Culture

  • St. Lucia's Festivals
  • The Saint Lucian festival of La Rose represents the Rosicrucian order of monks. The Festival of La Marguerite represents the Freemasons, an order with a rich history and mythology of secrecy, quests, and conspiracy.

    Like many other Caribbean islands, St. Lucia originally held Carnival before the Christian season of Lent begins in the spring. In 1999 the Carnival was moved to mid-July so as not to conflict with the much grander Trinidad and Tobago Carnival and thus attract overseas visitors to St. Lucia's shores.
  • The Music and Dance of St. Lucia
  • On the Island of St. Lucia the Quadrille is a very popular folk dance that has been adapted by the local peoples. The Quadrille is a historic dance performed by four dance pairs in a square formation, it is thought to be the precursor to American square dancing. The form danced in the Lesser Antilles is known in Kreole as the Kwadril. St. Lucia has a strong tradition of folk music including music forms such as reggae, soca, and zouk.

  • The St. Lucia Jazz Festival
  • Jazz has become a very popular art form in St. Lucia and an integral part of both the culture and tourist scene. Each May, the island hosts the world-renowned Saint Lucia Jazz Festival. Blues, R&B, and Calypso are also well represented at the festival. Many acclaimed artists have performed at the St. Lucia Jazz Festival including: Branford Marsalis, Herbie Hancock, En Vogue, Santana, Luther Vandross, George Benson, Mary J. Blige, UB40, and Smokey Robinson.

    The reputation of the St. Lucia Jazz Festival has continued to grow since its inception in 1991 and now is known for the very high caliber of the artists it attracts. It is now ranked #1 on E! Entertainment's top 5 Festivals in the world. The Festival attracts a large number of overseas tourists to St. Lucia every spring.
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