‘Go Bananas’ With St. Lucia Family Vacation Discounts This Summer

With the introduction of The Saint Lucia Tourist Board’s “Go Bananas Summer Family Program,” families can now enjoy island getaways at staggeringly low prices. Book your St. Lucia family vacation now through September 30th to take advantage of complimentary stays for children under 17, room upgrades, excursions, discount cards, tours, and more.

Complimentary Excursions

Experience the combination of fun, luxury and education the “Go Bananas” packages offer. For entertainment, opt for excursions like horseback riding, whale watching, ATV tours, and skyrides over St. Lucia’s breathtaking rainforest. Put your kids’ culinary skills to the test in “Going Bananas” mixology sessions where they learn to concoct refreshing banana beverages.

The excitement and learning don’t end in the kitchen. Parents and children alike are invited to participate in a two-hour tour of Pigeon Island to discover St. Lucia’s history and legends. After a long day of exploring, enjoy a romantic night out indulging in authentic island cuisine while a babysitter watches the kids courtesy of the “Go Bananas” program.

“Go Bananas” St. Lucia Family Vacation Discounts

Whether you’re looking for an all-inclusive trip or a luxurious escape, many of St. Lucia’s resorts offer special family values. For all-inclusive St. Lucia family vacations, take advantage of kids’ rates up to 60% off, along with free island adventures at the Coconut Bay Beach Resort. Both the Almond Morgan Bay Beach Resort and the Almond Smugglers Cove Resort offer family rates up to 50% off, as well as two complimentary stays for children under the age of 17.

Looking for luxury? St. Lucia’s exquisite Cotton Bay Village features all-inclusive stays where children under 12 eat and stay free in a two-bedroom terracotta villa. At St. Lucia’s full service Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort & Spa, kids eat and stay free during the summer in two-bedroom villas ranging from $399 to $599 per night.

Enjoy Island Life Now

With unparalleled deals, now is the time to experience all that St. Lucia has to offer. For unforgettable family fun and relaxation, St. Lucia is the perfect destination for your family’s vacation this summer. For more information regarding the island’s endless attractions and resorts, please visit www.stluciaislandresorts.com.

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Soar Through the Sky On a St. Lucia Outdoor Adventure

Enjoy the natural treasures of the rain forest on the island of St. Lucia from a whole new level! Make sure to have your binoculars and camera to capture your experience as you soar through the beautiful rain forest of St. Lucia. Along your excursion through 19,000 acres of rain forest, you will have the opportunity to view exotic plants, flowers and birds.

Take the time to escape into St. Lucia’s natural beauty and experience some of its most popular attractions. Be sure to sign yourself up for an unforgettable adventure on St. Lucia’s sky rides, zipline canopy rides, or a helicopter rides.

St. Lucia Sky Rides

While on your vacation in St. Lucia don’t miss the thrill of towering over the remarkable landscape of the rain forest as you glide through this St. Lucia attraction. These sky rides range from 75-minutes to 3 hours. Rain Forest Aerial Trams has a 75-minutes gondola flight through the rain forest on their trams.st.lucia sky rideAlong your ride you will be secured in an open sided-aerial tram, which provides you to view the beauty of the rain forest in a unique and exciting way. You will not only take in the rain forest from a bird’s eye view, you will experience the sound of its natural beauty as well. The environment surrounding you will overwhelm you with indigenous trees, exotic flowers and fruits, and rare and beautiful Caribbean birds.

Zip Line Canopy Ride

What better way to experience St. Lucia than to soar 50-495 feet from the rain forest floor? While in St. Lucia make sure to call the local zip line canopy ride company and sign up for an unforgettable experience.

Your zip line ride in St. Lucia will provide you with an unforgettable adrenaline rush while you take in the St. Lucia scenery surrounding you at every angle. The zipline cables are carefully designed for your pleasure but most importantly your safety as well.

st.lucia canopy ride

St. Lucia Helicopter Rides

Experience not only the rain forest of St. Lucia but fly around the whole island on a scenic helicopter tour. The scenic helicopter tours will allow you to take in the island as you travel along the major beaches, rugged Atlantic coast, plantations, volcanoes, waterfalls, rivers and valleys, coral reefs, and much more!

You can choose from the North or South of St. Lucia to fly over, discovering and viewing the gorgeous scenery and famous St. Lucia attractions.

If you are looking for the full experience, take the North and South tour combination!For more information please on St. Lucia adventures and resorts please visit, www.stluciaislandresorts.com.

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Dine, Dance and Delight: St. Lucia’s Restaurants and Night Life

After soaking in the sun on St. Lucia’s beautiful beaches, exploring the island’s exotic gardens and Caribbean wildlife, it’s time to absorb some more of the island’s culture and feel what it is like to be a true native. Indulge in authentic island food and groove to some of the hottest island beats while on your St. Lucia vacation. Take time to enjoy St. Lucia’s nightlife and all it has to offer.


St. Lucia Villa Vacations


 Dozens of restaurants, bars and grills offer mouth watering foods with a side of terrific, danceable tunes.


St. Lucia Adds the Spice of Life

Influenced by French, British and African flavors, the island’s cuisine includes fresh fish, vegetables and fruits. These native foods are usually dressed with spices that are common to the area such as cinnamon, nutmeg, thyme and clove. Plenty of onions, peppers and garlic are also used for seasoning. Take part in Dennery Fish Saturday when the east coast of the island eats delicious fish prepared by villagers and groove to the dancehall and R&B music on hand.


Another seafood hot spot is in the west coast village of Anse-la-Raye. Here visitors dine on fresh St. Lucia fish and dance to the loud, lively beats of Caribbean music.


Indian influences, such as curry seasoning, are no stranger to many popular Creole dishes found in many of St. Lucia’s restaurants. The seasoning adds an extra kick to any goat, chicken or lamb dish. Curry is also used in roti, a flatbread stuffed with curried vegetables and meat. This is a common and delicious delight of the island. Try some of the roti specialties at C&J’s eatery in St.Lucia. Or just wait until the last Saturday of the month and celebrate at Canaries Creole Pot. Take pleasure in all the Creole favorites in a large party atmosphere.


St. Lucia Dining



Celebrate St. Lucian Style

The Gros Islet is a terrific spot to enjoy night life while on your St. Lucia vacation. Every Friday night patrons can partake in a fun and exciting street party. Caribbean music is played by the island’s DJs and local musicians. The infectious rhythms and bass lines make it easy to dance the night away. Party goers can celebrate all night long without ever worrying about going hungry. A variety of eateries serve barbeque and local food favorites including chicken, pork and seafood.

 Quench Your Thirst

Whether dancing all night long at a club and grabbing food on the go, taking pleasure at a sit down dinner or simply relaxing in your St. Lucia villa, be sure to enjoy your meal with a cold glass of fresh coconut water. Or forget the glass and enjoy the fruit’s juices straight from the husk! Such a refreshing beverage can be had at any local restaurant.


Be Brave! Try a Favorite St. Lucia Delicacy

How about indulging in something new and different? St. Lucia is known for its green fig dishes. This exciting delicacy can be tasted at the twenty year establishment called The Lime.


St. Lucia Night Life


The Lime, which offers nightly music and dancing, can be found in the Rodney Bay Area of St. Lucia. Walk down the strip and take in the nightlife at Delirius, an open air deli style St. Lucia restaurant or enjoy a drink at the exciting street bar called Mango’s Bar. For those looking to party all night long, the Pulse Night Club is something to look into.


St. Lucia Dining and Night Life


Be fearless once again and try breadfruit, a large fruit commonly fried or boiled and eaten by locals. How about the love apple? This is a sweet fruit worth biting into.


Enjoy St. Lucia Culture

There is something for everyone in St. Lucia, but to truly experience island life and get a glimpse of St. Lucia culture it is worth partaking in the island’s night life. Try a native food, learn a new dance or stay up all night listening to the Caribbean beats. Embrace the culture and have a great time. 


For more about happenings and activities on the island, as well as information on luxury Caribbean resorts and St. Lucia villa rentals, visit out website at: http://www.stluciaislandresorts.com/ and come back often for the latest on this tropical haven.

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Mineral Baths, Water Falls and Colonial Era Gardens await in St. Lucia

Lush West Indian Flora and FaunaBeautiful Pink Ginger Lilies in the Garden

St. Lucia’s Diamond Botanical Gardens is an eco-lover’s paradise. Located in Soufriere, on the south-western side of the island, the botanical garden has been a St. Lucia holiday favorite since its inception in the early 1980’s. At the gardens, island guests are able to surround themselves in what is unarguably the Caribbean’s best cultivated tropical flora and fauna.

Flowers include rare large variety begonias, anthuriums, pink ginger lilies and beautiful heliconias.

Dozens of species of native West Indian birds find a habitat in the gardens because they are secluded and protected from the open rainforests. The colonial style gardens are such a rare delight that we strongly recommend you add this to your list of things to do in St. Lucia when planning your visit.

 Soufriere’s Interesting History

If the lush garden trails and spectacular West Indian trees, shrubs and flowers are not enough to entice you, then maybe the history will. Sulphur Springs 










The Diamond Botanical Gardens was once a plantation, cultivating crops like sugar cane, limes, cocoa and coconuts – all for export to Europe. The water wheel used to generate the very first electricity into Soufriere also has its home in the gardens.

 Another unique aspect of the Diamond Botanical Gardens is that it has remained a family owned protected St. Lucia historical site since 1713, when 2000 acres of land were granted by King Louis XIV to the current owner’s ancestors for services to Crown and Country. The Diamond Botanical Gardens runs deep with historical stories and natural value for St. Lucia.

Rare Sulphur Springs and Medicinal Mineral Baths   

Sulphur Springs is the “world’s only drive in volcano”; with colorful mineral deposits that decorate the volcano, this is a site of awesome natural beauty.

The waterfalls that gush from the volcano mouth mix with water from the hot mineral springs to fill the natural baths with age old medicinal waters. It was said that King Louis XIV of France strategically planned the development of the village of Soufriere because of the volcanic mineral springs

These same warm, soothing waters can still be enjoyed today in the restored baths deep within the gardens. The mineral baths are a very rare and highly enjoyed natural treat for tourists who seek the green side of the Caribbean vacation industry.

-Planning Your St. Lucia Holiday

St. Lucia is a perfect holiday spot to enjoy the Caribbean’s warm year-round weather. A private, ecologically friendly holiday at a St. Lucia villa is easy to plan and probably the best way to see to see the island’s exotic attractions for yourself.

Our Eco-tourism focused guests enjoy staying at secluded hillside villas, like Belle Coco in Soufriere, enjoying the natural beauty of the rainforest and total submergence in the West Indian way of life.

Plan your St. Lucia holiday today with current, reliable info from StLuciaIslandResorts.com and get away from the ordinary!

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More than Beaches, Wild St. Lucia is for the Birds

Mt GimieThe crisp white sand outlines the island of St. Lucia, bordered only by cool crystal blue water.  If you take several steps inland you will find yourself immersed in lush vivid green plant life and huge thick green mountains that seemingly jut up out of the ocean.  The St. Lucia landscape is home to some of the most epic scenery in the world.

For those who want some excitement or just feel like getting off the beach for a couple hours, the hiking trails are extremely impressive.  It is the truest way to experience the habitat of so many gorgeous St. Lucia animals and insects.   The hiking trails snake through the center of the small island.  Walking on foot gives you the most intimate view of the island and a whole lot of options, for instance…

·         Hike Mount Gimie, the tallest point on the island

·         Enbas Saut (below the falls) where hikers can take a break and cool off in the falls or lounge in the natural pools

·         Explore rare vegetation on the Edmund Forest ReserveSt. Lucia Waterfall

·         Experience an old abandoned plantation

·         Take a warm mineral bath or check out the Diamond Waterfalls at the famous St. Lucia Drive-in Volcano!

Supply and Demand

Amidst the bushes and trees are birds, a lot of birds.   St. Lucia is home to the most exciting bird watching in the world.  People from all over the world come to view these rare, exotic, and endangered winged animals.   Eco-tourism is one of the reasons St. Lucia has remained such an attractive Caribbean vacation spot.

St. Lucia is home to a beautiful, nearly extinct bird, the Jacquot, or the St. Lucia Parrot.  The Jacquot’s feathers seem dull when it is in the shade of the thick forests but when it flies out in the sunlight the colors illuminate.  The red, blue and green light up like the neon signs in liquor stores.

Only 30 years ago there were fewer than 100 Jacquots left in the world, with the Jacquotforests of St. Lucia being their primary habitat.  Hunters and poachers would capture these gorgeous parrots to sell them as pets or for their vibrant feathers.   As the species became increasingly endangered, the demand and price for the parrot continued to climb.

The combination of St. Lucia eco-tourism and focused attention to the parrot’s plight is what saved it.   Not quite flourishing yet, the Jacquot is now able to sustain a population in the wild.   Stress has been put on saving this rare Caribbean species and conserving their habitat, and in order to do that, they created a demand to see the birds free in St. Lucia that outweighed the demand for the birds as prized pets and decorations.

Find out more about the exotic wildlife of this island nation; find a magnificent St. Lucia luxury villa or all-inclusive Caribbean family resort ; and plan great things to do for your St. Lucia vacation by exploring our main site at www.Stluciaislandresorts.com.

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A Review of Great St. Lucia Resorts and Hotels

An important part of planning a St. Lucia vacation is finding the best hotel or resort to stay at. All of the St. Lucia hotels and resorts make it their priority to ensure every guest’s stay on this beautiful island is an enjoyable one. A variety of luxury hotels in St. Lucia are available in a number of locations. Some hotels are located right along the white sand beaches while others are nestled on the hillsides with gorgeous views of the Piton Mountains.  

East Winds Inn, St. Lucia At the East Winds Inn, nature and relaxation are the number one priority for the guests. This is one St. Lucia resort that highlights the natural beauty of the island and everything it has to offer.  The East Winds Inn is a St. Lucia hotel perfect for relaxing at the fresh water pool or reading a book on one of the white sand beaches.  The East Winds Inn is a spacious, yet romantic luxury hotel in St. Lucia with only 30 rooms, 26 of which are in 13 individual duplex cottages. Each room has its own private patio with gorgeous views of the mountains and scenic gardens. The East Winds Inn is the perfect way to spend a relaxing, peaceful St. Lucia vacation and explore the natural beauty of this gorgeous island.  

Ti Kaye Village Resort Ti Kaye Village Resort is a beautiful beachside resort, perfect for a romantic St. Lucia vacation or honeymoon. Located along a cliff overlooking the Caribbean Sea, Ti Kaye is a secluded, peaceful resort away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. This is the perfect St. Lucia hotel for couples on their honeymoon or just looking to spend some alone time together.  The private St. Lucia resort has 33 cottages spread out along the hillside. Every cottage has gorgeous views of the ocean, scattered all the way up the hill to the top where several duplexes are located. Each room has a large balcony with a hammock for two, rocking chairs and a patio table. A private garden shower is also available for the guests, lined with tropical plants and the open skies above.  

The Caribbean Blue Suite 

With gorgeous views of the sunset, a refreshing breeze during the hot humid day, and a secluded, romantic location, The Caribbean Blue Suite 
is a perfect St. Lucia hotel for any vacation. Surrounded by tropical gardens with great views of the Caribbean Sea, this resort is a peaceful 
and relaxing getaway. 
Children are not permitted in the Caribbean Blue Suite; this St. Lucia resort is ideal for a romantic vacation or honeymoon. 
The suite includes a private plunge pool as well as a private patio. The Caribbean Blue Suite is a very secluded and romantic St. Lucia resort, 
perfect for a couple looking to get away and spend some quality time together. 

For more information on other St. Lucia villas or hotels, as well as attractions and things to do while on the island, visit our main website at www.StLuciaIslandResorts.com.  

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Exploring the History and Culture of St. Lucia

To get a better understanding of the island culture of St. Lucia, there are several historic attractions and sites to explore. Discovering the history of this beautiful island is a perfect way to spend a day on your St. Lucia vacation. With so many things to do in St. Lucia and so many sights to see, spending a day to learn about the past will allow you to appreciate all the island has to offer.

Morne Fortune One famous St. Lucia attraction to visit is Morne Furtune, also known as Hill of Good Luck. This was one of the main battle grounds between the French and the British for the possession of St. Lucia. On top of the hill are the remains of Fort Charlotte, whose construction began by the French and was finished by the British after the French surrendered. At the site is a military cemetery, a small museum, and the “Four Apostles Battery,” a group of four cannons. Morne Fourtune also offers one of the best scenic views in the Caribbean  

Pigeon Island National Park A great place to visit while on your St. Lucia vacation is Pigeon Island National Park. Pigeon Island played a significant role in the history of St. Lucia. The island was fortified by British Admiral George Rodney and was used to keep a look out on the French fleet based off Martinique, an island close by, which tried to take over Morne Fortune during the Battle of the Saints. At the top of the island is a well preserved fortress called Fort Rodney, and within the park are barracks and a signal station used by the U.S. Army during World War II. Pigeon Island National Park is one St. Lucia attraction with plenty of things to do as well as learn about!   

The Government House  Visiting the official residence of the governor-general of St. Lucia is another thing to do while vacationing on the island. This is one of the few remaining examples of Victorian architecture on the island and is located halfway up Morne Fortune. The Government House has a museum inside, called Le Pavillon Royal Museum. Inside are several important historical documents, photographs, artifacts, medals and awards. Visiting the Government House is free, but you must make an appointment. This historic residence is a great attraction to visit while on your St. Lucia vacation, with all kinds of cultural information and a variety of historical artifacts to check out!  

To learn about more attractions around the island or the best St. Lucia Villas to stay at, check out www.StLuciaIslandResorts.com.

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St. Lucia Attraction: The World’s Only Drive-in Volcano

One great St. Lucia attraction that is fun for the whole family is taking a trip to Sulfur Springs to see the world’s only drive-in volcano. This volcano was about 13 kilometers in diameter until 40,000 years ago when it collapsed in on itself. Plan a day during your St. Lucia vacation to view the sights of the volcano and learn some of the history that goes along with it!

As you drive up and park, a kiosk will be at the entrance of the volcano. There is a small admissions fee to view this fascinating St. Lucia attraction and you will be paired with a guide to take you to the volcano. The strong smell of the sulfur is present as soon as you enter the area of the volcano. The rotten egg and onion smell of the sulfur is an unforgettable one, but you should get used to it quickly. The smell is weaker during the day and very strong at night. It’s been said you can smell the volcano miles away! Being able to smell the sulfur is a good thing though, because when you can’t smell it anymore it means there is going to be a volcanic eruption!

St. Lucia’s volcano is dormant although there are some signs of activity going on such as boiling mud, water and steam that come from the craters. The many colors at the surface are a result of the sulfur, iron, calcium and other mineral deposits there. Walking on the craters used to be allowed until one of the guides fell in a pool of boiling water when he was jumping along the crater’s edge. He was rescued and survived but did receive severe burns from the waist down.

The volcano has about 20 steaming vents with bubbling water and it is said that during a full moon with high tides the vents actually form geysers. The area of the volcano is filled with ash that has subtle colors depending on the mineral deposits it contains. The composition of these deposits is what classifies the volcano as active.

Another interesting aspect of this St. Lucia attraction are the natural pools made by waterfalls surrounding the volcano area. Nearby are natural hot spring pools high in iron which are said to be good for eczema, arthritis and sunburn. You can also reach to the bottom and scoop up some mud to give yourself a mud bath.

Ladera Resort is close by the volcano and after a day of sightseeing and exploring the volcano take some time out to eat at the resort and view the Piton Mountains and the other beautiful scenery. You can book a trip to see the drive-in volcano through the Concierge services of most St. Lucia’s resorts. This is one tour that is perfect for a day of exploring the island and its natural resources while on your St. Lucia vacation.

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All Inclusive Caribbean Resorts: The Perfect Way to Spend a St. Lucia Vacation

What better way to spend a vacation in St. Lucia then spending it at an all inclusive Caribbean resort. Known as one of the prettiest islands in the Caribbean, St. Lucia is one of the world’s favorite spots for weddings and honeymoons. Beautiful beaches and the Piton Mountains surround the island providing breathtaking views everywhere you look! An important part of planning a vacation is deciding where to stay. All of St. Lucia’s all inclusive resorts are a fun experience for the entire family, from programs just for the kids to couples-only activities, the resorts make sure everyone is satisfied!

Out of all the resorts in St. Lucia the Sandals Resorts are some of the top all inclusive resorts in the Caribbean. There are three Sandals St. Lucia resorts including Sandals Regency La Toc, Sandals Halcyon Beach Resort and Sandals Grande St. Lucian. All of the Sandals resorts are for adults only and offer some of the most exclusive amenities a resort can offer while on your St. Lucia vacation.

The Sandals Regency has the largest freshwater pool in the Eastern Caribbean, its own golf course along with seven restaurants and twelve bars throughout the resort. The Sandals Halcyon has three gourmet restaurants with the legendary Pier Restaurant located directly on the sea. The Sandals Grande St. Lucian sits on its very own peninsula which allows for every room to have a beautiful view of the water. You can choose a swim-up lagoon room which allows guests to swim right up to their rooms. These are the perfect St. Lucia resorts for a romantic getaway or honeymoon.


The Coconut Bay Resort and Spa is another one of St. Lucia’s all inclusive resorts. This resort is known as having “two worlds in one” with its adult only oasis on one side and the family-friendly resort on the opposite end. Coconut Bay has the largest resort beach in St. Lucia with cabanas, volleyball courts and lounge chairs for all to enjoy. The Cocoland Water Park is a fun activity for both kids and adults. You can choose from the thrilling water slides or a relaxing trip down the lazy river. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and entertainment for all ages from poolside games to nightly shows. The Coconut Bay Resort and Spa is the perfect resort for couples, singles and families to enjoy a St. Lucia vacation.

 There are several other all inclusive resorts in St. Lucia such as the Anse Chastanet Resort which was voted the “Caribbean’s Top 25 hotels” by Travel & Leisure magazine. The Windjammer Landing Resort is a destination perfect for families, honeymooners or singles. One, two, three or four-bedroom villas are available with or without a plunge pool. There are a number of St. Lucia attractions such as tennis, basketball and water sports available as well.  

For all of the up to date information on the best places to stay at, the greatest attractions to see and the most exciting activities in St. Lucia, visit the main site at www.stluciaislandresorts.com.

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St. Lucia: The Perfect Place for Destination Weddings

A destination wedding is becoming the hot new trend for couples who want to break away from the ordinary and get married in an exciting and adventurous way.  Destination weddings can be performed anywhere from the beach at a Caribbean resort to a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean. Celebrations can be large and elaborate with all of your friends and family or a more intimate and romantic setting for just the bride and groom.



These non-traditional weddings are generally less expensive than a traditional wedding, and are also considered to be less stressful because the ceremony, flowers, photographs and reception are packaged together. A lot of the small details are handled for you so there is less to worry about and less stress!


The gorgeous island of St. Lucia is an ideal location for a Caribbean wedding. The island is perfect for a variety of ceremonies whether you are looking to exchange vows on the beach, in the mountains or in a church. A unique setting option for a St. Lucia wedding is in the garden of an old estate house that has a historic feel to it, with trails that lead through a tropical forest and ends at a beautiful waterfall. St. Lucia offers a hint of everything you could ask for when planning a destination wedding. White sand beaches, mountains, quiet towns or elegant cities, it’s all there!


There are several St. Lucia all inclusive resorts available for you and your guests to stay at either during your wedding or during your honeymoon. Most of the resorts will provide a wedding specialist to help in planning the wedding and to make sure everything is perfect on your special day.  




Rendezvous is a resort dedicated solely to couples. It is the perfect place to spend your first week as husband and wife after the fun and excitement of your St. Lucia wedding, without the distraction of children or singles. There are plenty of activities to choose from including water sports, land sports, scuba diving, spa packages and a sunset cruise. Fine dining is an essential part of the romantic experience from a candlelit dinner at The Terrace restaurant to a private table for two on the beach. There is plenty of great island entertainment after dinner as well. The Terrace Bar is the place to mingle and enjoy your favorite cocktail with music and dancing each night.


Ladera is another resort perfect for your honeymoon in St. Lucia. Located in south western St. Lucia, this small intimate resort has only 6 villas and 21 suites. Each room has its own unique design including a private plunge pool or villa pool. All of the rooms have an ‘open wall’ allowing for a breathtaking view of the Piton Mountains or the Caribbean ocean. Ladera offers many activities such as rainforest tours, horseback riding, and a chance to walk in a volcano! Whether you are on your honeymoon or spending a week with family or friends, there is plenty to do and see to make your St. Lucia vacation an unforgettable one!    

Ladera Resort

The travel experts at St. Lucia Island Resorts bring fresh reviews and information every week about the best places to stay and the most exciting things to do when planning a trip to St. Lucia.

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