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  • St. Lucia Water Sports- Windsurfing, Parasailing, Water-skiing, and Jet-skiing
  • A St. Lucia vacation isn't complete without experiencing at least one of the several water sports the island has to offer. Whether it's your first time at one of the sports or you've done it a million times, St. Lucia has the right locations and equipment to fit your wants and needs. The island offers various water sports, from wind surfing to jet skiing, with each sport adding its own thrill and excitement to your vacation.

    With never ending trade-winds that guarantee a continuous onshore breeze along the coast, the sports of windsurfing and kite-surfing are some of St. Lucia's activities that never get old. Spending a few hours out on the open ocean moving along only by wind power is a fun and exciting experience for anyone. For more advanced wind surfers and kite surfers the best spots to go are Cas en Bas or Vieux Fort. For the beginners, calmer waters are located off the west coast. There are a number of windsurfing centers around the island where all of the equipment needed is on hand, along with instructors who are available to teach beginners or help sharpen the skills of the more advanced.

    For an unforgettable aerial view of the island and all of its natural beauty, parasailing is the perfect St. Lucia attraction. As you soar above the island hooked on to the back of a boat, you get a rush of excitement but also get to sit back and enjoy the gorgeous views of the mountains, ocean and beautiful St. Lucia beaches. Parasailing is available through most hotels and at certain beaches.

  • TAlso available at most of St. Lucia's hotels and resorts are water-skiing and jet-skiing. Water-skiing is open to anyone from beginners to advanced skiers who are looking to spend some time in the crystal clear Caribbean water. Jet-skiing is also available to thrill seekers looking to fly across the waves with the water splashing up in your face. Kayaking is another water sport available through most hotels. This fun St. Lucia attraction will give you a workout as you valiantly paddle through the waves. Single kayaks are available for those who want to take a trip out alone as well as double kayaks for those who want a partner in fighting the waves of the Caribbean ocean.

    All of St. Lucia's water sports are an entertaining and thrilling way to spend some time out on the sparkling blue waters. There is always something for everyone, whether you want a fast and exciting sport like jet-skiing or a relaxing time with beautiful views like parasailing. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or advanced, these are some of St. Lucia's attractions you don't want to miss out on!
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